Day 5: Congratulations!

What was the last thing you accomplished? Was it a promotion, a new baby, the start of your business? Did you take time to celebrate it or were you focused on getting to the next phase? While you are thinking about that last question, I wanted to congratulate you for showing up this week. You… Continue reading Day 5: Congratulations!


Day 4: Flat Tire

Have you ever woke up to get your day started and noticed that one of your tires are flat? Well, I haven't before, but I did on Thursday. My kids and I walked up to the car and I realized that one of my tires were flat. There was no way I could take them… Continue reading Day 4: Flat Tire


Day 3: Pause for a moment and create a memory

Don't let life pass you by because you are so caught up on watching the end that you miss the entire ride. have you ever had a vision of a project or gave birth to a child. In that moment you are excited, but your mind starts to wander. You start thinking about the future… Continue reading Day 3: Pause for a moment and create a memory


5 Days of Gratitude Challenge Day 1 Reflection

Earlier this month, I wrote about being grateful. God has truly blessed my family and I with the ability to find His beauty in each day. This is despite what may be actually taking place in our lives. Over the last two years, I have been able to see the difference in myself and how… Continue reading 5 Days of Gratitude Challenge Day 1 Reflection

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I’m Tired of Expectations

For the last few months, I have been caught up in my own expectations. I have been expecting things to go one way and then they didn't. Because of my own expectations, I would get discouraged. It would leave me confused and frustrated. Then one day, God said to to let go of them. This… Continue reading I’m Tired of Expectations


Protect Your Peace

I know we talk about protecting our peace, but how often are you truly protecting it? How often have you allowed any ole person to speak on your situation? How often have you expected a person to speak encouraging words to you, but received the opposite? These are some of the questions and comments that… Continue reading Protect Your Peace


Mom, it’s okay to rest…

I feel like once you become a parent, the word rest becomes a foreign word until your kids are older. Even then, I wonder if its recognizable because of all the running around that still has to be done. Lately, there seems to be more value placed on self-care. People are starting to realize that… Continue reading Mom, it’s okay to rest…


First Year of Life

A child's first birthday is always special because you are able to celebrate the many milestones that they accomplished. They are no longer this little bundle of joy that you brought home and rocked to sleep. Now they are toddlers exploring new territories. Nothing beats watching their growth and the excitement on their faces as… Continue reading First Year of Life