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My purpose was birthed out of pain…

The author Jessica M. Harris has just released her memoir, Pain Tried To Bury Me Alive, But God Revived Me. It is available now for pre-order.

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What’s in your ‘Self-Love Toolbox’?

Podcast episode #2 on Living Simply with Jessica Harris: January is self-love month and what a great topic to start off the new year. As we jump in, I want you to take a look in your toolbox. Are you equipped to go out and love yourself? Or are you missing a few of your… Continue reading What’s in your ‘Self-Love Toolbox’?

lifestyle, mom guilt, Mommy life, self care

Moving Past Mom Guilt…

No parent wants to walk out the door hearing their kids scream, "Don't go mommy! Don't go!" These short phrases carry a big punch. Have you ever wanted to take some time away and had a trail of tear streaked children behind you crying as though the sky was falling? I have on multiple occasions.… Continue reading Moving Past Mom Guilt…


Pace Yourself

We are in the second week of November and it's really starting to dawn on me that this year is almost over. In doing so, I wanted to remind us that we need to be mindful about the pace. Take your time and do not get caught up in the ways of the world. Some… Continue reading Pace Yourself


Watch what you say…

Sometimes we say things because it’s the first thing or thought that comes to our mind. But is it the right thing to say? Should I have waited before saying that? Could this have been avoided if I just waited before speaking? Sometimes we get so caught up in our response to a situation or… Continue reading Watch what you say…


Protect Your Peace

I know we talk about protecting our peace, but how often are you truly protecting it? How often have you allowed any ole person to speak on your situation? How often have you expected a person to speak encouraging words to you, but received the opposite? These are some of the questions and comments that… Continue reading Protect Your Peace


My thoughts are racing….

If you are anything like me, then you may have a thousand thoughts and ideas running through your mind constantly. From appointments for the kids, to what is being made for dinner, to how much cleaning needs to be done and more. My mind is constantly running. But what happens when bad news is thrown… Continue reading My thoughts are racing….


Mom, it’s okay to rest…

I feel like once you become a parent, the word rest becomes a foreign word until your kids are older. Even then, I wonder if its recognizable because of all the running around that still has to be done. Lately, there seems to be more value placed on self-care. People are starting to realize that… Continue reading Mom, it’s okay to rest…