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Celebrating Motherhood Through the Lens of an Autism Mom

Podcast ep #3 on Living Simply with Jessica Harris: Are you taking time to celebrate the wins you experienced in motherhood, even during the stressful times. I asked myself this question after an amazing conversation with other moms whose children were on the spectrum (autistic). I had to sit with this for a bit to… Continue reading Celebrating Motherhood Through the Lens of an Autism Mom


Let’s Pause…How are you really feeling?

Enough about me, how are y'all doing? It's Thanksgiving week and I want to take the time to step back from me and focus on you a little bit. We know the world has been very wonky from the pandemic to job loss to deaths of loved ones. This year and last were the first… Continue reading Let’s Pause…How are you really feeling?


I Can’t Have C*vid…I’m A Mom

It's crazy to think now that it was only a year ago that I was battling C*vid. With everything that was going on in my life at that time, I couldn't deal that something else was taking place. In September of 2020 our baby had been diagnosed with a rare form of Cold autoimmune hemolytic… Continue reading I Can’t Have C*vid…I’m A Mom


Pace Yourself

We are in the second week of November and it's really starting to dawn on me that this year is almost over. In doing so, I wanted to remind us that we need to be mindful about the pace. Take your time and do not get caught up in the ways of the world. Some… Continue reading Pace Yourself


My first loss…

Being at the hospital alone can be terrifying especially when you aren't sure what is happening. Its even worse when the doctors and/or nurses appear to not be on your side. Its like am I really here all alone or is there someone actually fighting with me in my corner? The day I miscarried for… Continue reading My first loss…


All alone…

Last week, I was telling you about me finding out about being pregnant for the very first time and how I was planning everything. I was thinking about my move to another state and how this would all take place. I was too excited and couldn't contain the good news. There were friends from work… Continue reading All alone…


It’s Positive…

The first time I ever saw the plus sign on a pregnancy test, I thought I was fooling myself. I had made sure to grab a 3 pack just in case if one of them gave me a false reading. Yea, that positive sign came back up each time. Flashback to 2012 The amount of… Continue reading It’s Positive…


Watch what you say…

Sometimes we say things because it’s the first thing or thought that comes to our mind. But is it the right thing to say? Should I have waited before saying that? Could this have been avoided if I just waited before speaking? Sometimes we get so caught up in our response to a situation or… Continue reading Watch what you say…


I am 1 in 4…Pregnancy and Infant Loss

October is Pregnancy and Infant loss awareness month. But let’s, be honest. This is not the only month that the loss is on our minds. It’s not the only time of the year that it sticks out. There are special occasions, birthdays and more when the memory starts to surface. Sometimes we have physical reminders… Continue reading I am 1 in 4…Pregnancy and Infant Loss


Can I have a party?

My four year old asked me over this weekend if he could have a birthday party. I had to sit and really explain that there was a good chance that he would not have an actual party filled with friends the way he has seen them in the past. It’s more than just the virus.… Continue reading Can I have a party?