Watch what you say…

Sometimes we say things because it’s the first thing or thought that comes to our mind. But is it the right thing to say? Should I have waited before saying that? Could this have been avoided if I just waited before speaking? Sometimes we get so caught up in our response to a situation or… Continue reading Watch what you say…


Day 5: Congratulations!

What was the last thing you accomplished? Was it a promotion, a new baby, the start of your business? Did you take time to celebrate it or were you focused on getting to the next phase? While you are thinking about that last question, I wanted to congratulate you for showing up this week. You… Continue reading Day 5: Congratulations!


I’m Just Grateful

People tend to ask, what are you grateful for? Since September 2020, I would respond that I am grateful for life. I'm grateful for the life I have and what God has been doing in my family. God has been with me through a lot of tough times and through it all, He never left… Continue reading I’m Just Grateful


First Year of Life

A child's first birthday is always special because you are able to celebrate the many milestones that they accomplished. They are no longer this little bundle of joy that you brought home and rocked to sleep. Now they are toddlers exploring new territories. Nothing beats watching their growth and the excitement on their faces as… Continue reading First Year of Life