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Stop dimming your light for them to shine…

For years, I've tried to fit in at different jobs and social settings. Each time, there was always a bit of awkwardness from at least one person in the room. I couldn't figure out why. So I would downplay me and it didn't help my case either way. Last January, I saw the most incredible… Continue reading Stop dimming your light for them to shine…

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Moving Past Mom Guilt…

No parent wants to walk out the door hearing their kids scream, "Don't go mommy! Don't go!" These short phrases carry a big punch. Have you ever wanted to take some time away and had a trail of tear streaked children behind you crying as though the sky was falling? I have on multiple occasions.… Continue reading Moving Past Mom Guilt…

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A Joyful Season…Or is it?

We are just about to end November and enter into December. My question to you, is it really a joyful season? Or have we been conditioned to put on a face of make believe to make others see only the smiles and not the tears behind the eyes. How many of you are walking around… Continue reading A Joyful Season…Or is it?


Let’s Pause…How are you really feeling?

Enough about me, how are y'all doing? It's Thanksgiving week and I want to take the time to step back from me and focus on you a little bit. We know the world has been very wonky from the pandemic to job loss to deaths of loved ones. This year and last were the first… Continue reading Let’s Pause…How are you really feeling?


Pace Yourself

We are in the second week of November and it's really starting to dawn on me that this year is almost over. In doing so, I wanted to remind us that we need to be mindful about the pace. Take your time and do not get caught up in the ways of the world. Some… Continue reading Pace Yourself


My first loss…

Being at the hospital alone can be terrifying especially when you aren't sure what is happening. Its even worse when the doctors and/or nurses appear to not be on your side. Its like am I really here all alone or is there someone actually fighting with me in my corner? The day I miscarried for… Continue reading My first loss…


All alone…

Last week, I was telling you about me finding out about being pregnant for the very first time and how I was planning everything. I was thinking about my move to another state and how this would all take place. I was too excited and couldn't contain the good news. There were friends from work… Continue reading All alone…


Day 5: Congratulations!

What was the last thing you accomplished? Was it a promotion, a new baby, the start of your business? Did you take time to celebrate it or were you focused on getting to the next phase? While you are thinking about that last question, I wanted to congratulate you for showing up this week. You… Continue reading Day 5: Congratulations!


My thoughts are racing….

If you are anything like me, then you may have a thousand thoughts and ideas running through your mind constantly. From appointments for the kids, to what is being made for dinner, to how much cleaning needs to be done and more. My mind is constantly running. But what happens when bad news is thrown… Continue reading My thoughts are racing….