A Day To Remember

Life is precious and everyday I am grateful to wake up and have breath in my lungs. I am grateful to be in the presence of God and that He continues to keep me pressing forward despite my circumstances. Even on my bad days, I look to find something to be grateful for, because each… Continue reading A Day To Remember

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I’m Tired of Expectations

For the last few months, I have been caught up in my own expectations. I have been expecting things to go one way and then they didn't. Because of my own expectations, I would get discouraged. It would leave me confused and frustrated. Then one day, God said to to let go of them. This… Continue reading I’m Tired of Expectations


I’m Just Grateful

People tend to ask, what are you grateful for? Since September 2020, I would respond that I am grateful for life. I'm grateful for the life I have and what God has been doing in my family. God has been with me through a lot of tough times and through it all, He never left… Continue reading I’m Just Grateful


Holding It Together

Last week, I gave you a glimpse into my faith walk during this event. I could have let all of you believe that I held it together, but that would be far from the truth. I tried to though. I tried to keep it to myself and move forward as though life wasn't beating me.… Continue reading Holding It Together


What does your faith look like?

I remember my daughter asking me, " Mom, when can the baby come home?" That was one of the most heart breaking questions I could ever be asked. The worst part of it, was that I didn't have a real answer for her. I didn't have a clue when he would be home. I wasn't… Continue reading What does your faith look like?