Day 3: Pause for a moment and create a memory

Don't let life pass you by because you are so caught up on watching the end that you miss the entire ride. have you ever had a vision of a project or gave birth to a child. In that moment you are excited, but your mind starts to wander. You start thinking about the future… Continue reading Day 3: Pause for a moment and create a memory


Day 2: Flaws and All

So today was full of challenges. There were so many things that I had wanted to get done today and I wasn't able to. I had to pause and accept the fact that today was a go with the flow type of day. I had to realize that today was going to be a day… Continue reading Day 2: Flaws and All

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I’m Tired of Expectations

For the last few months, I have been caught up in my own expectations. I have been expecting things to go one way and then they didn't. Because of my own expectations, I would get discouraged. It would leave me confused and frustrated. Then one day, God said to to let go of them. This… Continue reading I’m Tired of Expectations


What does your faith look like?

I remember my daughter asking me, " Mom, when can the baby come home?" That was one of the most heart breaking questions I could ever be asked. The worst part of it, was that I didn't have a real answer for her. I didn't have a clue when he would be home. I wasn't… Continue reading What does your faith look like?


Protect Your Peace

I know we talk about protecting our peace, but how often are you truly protecting it? How often have you allowed any ole person to speak on your situation? How often have you expected a person to speak encouraging words to you, but received the opposite? These are some of the questions and comments that… Continue reading Protect Your Peace