About Us

Mission Statement

Living Simply Jess, LLC is a faith based movement designed to bring families together in Christ. We are dedicated on bringing you tools, tips and resources that are designed with you in mind. Living Simply Jess was founded in July 2021 after the founder Jessica Harris nearly lost her youngest son’s life to a rare form of the disease called cold agglutinin. This event changed not only her life, but it also brought her closer to Christ. She is committed to encouraging families to remain faithful to God even during their times of need. Her son is a lving witness to the miracles that God performs and she wants to bring light to that so others may remain hopeful in their own life siuations.

For there is nor respect of persons with God. Romans 2:11 KJV

Because God has no respect of persons, his ability to perform miracles, signs and wonders for other has nothing to do with me, but with who He is.

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About the Creator

Jessica Harris is the Visionary Founder of Living Simply Jess, LLC and is based in Connecticut. She is the host of the internationally streamed podcast Living Simply with Jessica Harris. She is an author, a transformation coach and speaker.

She is also single mom with three young children who love to show off their creativity in different forms. Jessica not only loves to encourage families, but she also has a women empowerment business called Ignite UR Glow. This is for focus-driven women in Christ who want to build up their mindset, grow their business and enhnace their overall wellness.