Steward over the little and watch it expand…

Steward over the little and watch it expand. When I first started this blog, I was a mom who simply wnated to provide comfort to other parents. I just wnated them to know gthat they were not alone. I wnated them to have their feelings reassured. i wanted to give them hope in knowing that miracles really do happen. You don’t have to be perfect to experience one. I wnated them to know that life can turn around in their favor. I wanted them to know that God can make a way.

I know I haven’t posted as much on here since 2022 started and that had a lot to do with me building a podcast and then an entirely new company that I will tell yall more about in a later post. Recently, I decided to check my stats and see how things had went during this first year of blogging. What I found out was that these blog posts have not only reached people in America, but in many other countries. 14 other countries to be exact. My blog was recahing people in 15 countries in less than a year. In 6 months, I had reached 13. I couldn’t believe. I was just a mom who wnated to help other parents.

I share this with you because you never know who exactly is listening or watching you. You never know just how much of an impact you are having in the lives of someone else. Don’t be afraid to start because it looks small on the outside. Diamond rings come in small boxes. They are a gift cherished by many regardless of the box size they come in.

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