Happy Resurrection Sunday

Today is the day that many believers take time to spend with family and remember the sacrifice that Jesus made on all of our behalves. His sacrifice was not only fir those who knew Christ, but it was made for Everyone.

So take some time and praise God for counting you to be worthy to be saved by the blood of the lamb. It was only through Jesus that you are able to walk in freedom. Now I know there are still people living a life that may not necessarily appease God. But please know that God still loves you despite your shortcomings snd despite your flaws.

So if this touches you in any way, I ask that you take time to repent. Confess with your mouth your sins and ask God for forgiveness. As you do, acknowledge that Jesus Christ is your Lord and Savior. In doing so, I want you to accept Him into your life or renew your yes to Him.

He is mighty in all His ways. We truly are not worthy on our own to be received by God. It is by The blood of Jesus that your are able to receive salvation.

Peace & blessings I send out to you and your family today.

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