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My purpose was birthed out of pain…

A year ago, I thought everything in my life was starting to align itself the way I wanted it. Then something major happened. My 10 year relationship ended and I went from being a mom of three in a relationship, to becoming a single mom. It was one of the most heart breaking experiences I could have faced. It wasn’t just the break up that left me feeling broken, but it was the fact that I really didn’t know who I was. My identity had been woven together with me being a mom, being a girlfriend, a sister, a friend and an employee and so much more. In that process, I had no real clue who Jessica was. I had to do the work and heal. In the process of healing, I was led to write my memoir, Pain Tried To Bury Me Alive But God Revived Me which is available now for preorder.

Uncovering Jess

People are always willing and ready to talk about where they are going or where they are when they become successful. But what about the journey that led them there? What about the trials and tribulations that met you on the way up to that success. What about the healing that you needed to get before you could actually move forward.

There’s a silent journey that many people go on and don’t talk about as often because it’s not a fun one. It’s the journey of uncovering yourself. In this journey you have to recognize that you are lost and then you have to understand why that is the case before you can even begin to dig yourself out. Over the last year, I spent a lot of time reflecting and talking to God about who I was and who I was to Him. I had to learn to let go of what I knew about Jess and relearn the version of Jess God created me to be. I promise you it didn’t happen overnight and it was not always smiles and giggles. I had to come to the realization that I was not who He needed me to be because of the way I saw myself.

I didn’t see me as being worthy of being loved or worthy of good things happening to me. I couldn’t see past the fact that people always seemed to betray me in one way shape or form. I couldn’t understand why I had friends, but still felt alone. I couldn’t see why I did so well at jobs, but still they treated me as though I wasn’t enough. I had to uncover deep hurts to understand that there was an underlying dilemma with my current mindset. I wasn’t focused on God or what God had for me. Instead it was focused on the hurt that the world had handed me. Once I started to shift my mindset, I was able to unlearn some things and push past the pain.

Pushing pass the pain…

In my process of healing, I learned a lot about myself. As I learned more about me, I realized that there were other people who were like me. Lost in the past hurts and pain life threw their way, unsure of how to move past. So I took my journey and wrote it out in hopes to help another person learn to move past their own pain. A year later, I can breathe and not feel the overwhelming weight I once felt on top of me. Pain Tried to Bury Me Alive But God Revived Me is a journey that will help you to uncover the very tools you need to get started on your own journey of healing. It’s currently available for Preorder.

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