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Show up and embrace your journey…

Showing up for yourself as a mom is truly easier said than done. As a mom there are unrealistic expectations that we have set up on ourselves that we have to unlearn and then we have to understand where we are in our own journey. Our journey is our own and not to be mistaken with the person next door. It’s okay to not be exactly where you want to be, but at the same time it’s needed to understand how to get you into a position to see progress. (Podcast Ep #5 on Living Simply with Jessica Harris: )

Now we all heard the saying, “practice makes perfect.” Now as a kid, I didn’t think much of this. Now as a adult, I wish I didn’t learn this concept. Because it has pushed along the mantra for us to seek perfection in areas where perfection may not exist. That doesn’t mean we aren’t trying, but instead I’m setting realistic expectations for myself. Being realistic means I can’t be focused on unrealistic goals. I have to be invested in seeking progress in everything that I do.

Who is looking up you?

One of the biggest reasons why I have to embrace my journey is because I am a representation for my children. Our children look to us for the example on how to live life. That’s not just with the words that we say, but also with the actions that we take as well. I remember my daughter feeling stressed out about school and and the way she would do things. It wasn’t because the work was hard, but because she was focused on wanting it to look perfect.

It was at that point I realized that it wasn’t just me who had to change a mindset, but my children did too. I needed them to understand that the old ways of thinking were no longer going to be suitable moving forward. As I started to unlearn old things, I had to show them how to do the same. I had to bring understanding for the change. It wasn’t easy, but I understood that teaching them while they were young will curve a lot of habits as they grow older. I share this because sometimes we don’t realize just how much people are watching us as we move throughout our day. We are examples for many people in our day to day lives. Some are our responsibility and then there are others who are not.

It’s not up to us to decipher who is paying attention, but to simply practice what we preach. Don’t just talk about it, but let your actions also show these things as well.


Listen to the entire episode here:

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