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What’s in your ‘Self-Love Toolbox’?

Podcast episode #2 on Living Simply with Jessica Harris: January is self-love month and what a great topic to start off the new year. As we jump in, I want you to take a look in your toolbox. Are you equipped to go out and love yourself? Or are you missing a few of your tools? Today I got you covered with 3 self-love tools that you can add to your arsenal.

Tip #1: Schedule yourself a “Me” Day

As a mom to three mini versions of me I’ll be the first one to tell you that finding time for myself is bit harder. What I had to learn was that the only way it was going to happen was if I actually took the time to schedule myself in. I mean why not? If I could take the time to write down doctor appointments and dental appointments then why couldn’t I schedule myself in too? The secretaries knew my motto, if it wasn’t written down in my calendar then it didn’t exist. Taking a “me” day doesn’t have to be anything extravagant. It can be as simple as spa day, a ladies night in, a spiritual retreat or whatever floats your boat. There’s so many different ways you can treat yourself. Don’t limit your options to only these.

Tip #2: Pour back into yourself

Remember that loving yourself is deeper than just a one time thing. It should be practiced daily. So lets do a quick activity together right now: Take a look in a mirror and recite out loud, I am beautiful, my hair is beautiful, and my skin is beautiful. How did that feel? I’m sure it either placed a smile on your face or made you laugh a little.

Let’s be honest for a moment, how often are you pouring into yourself? Are you affirming yourself daily? As a mom this was a struggle area for me for many years after having children. I didn’t love who I saw and I didn’t talk nice to her either. In turn my body and soul took the harsh words spoken and internalized them.

I started complimenting my mind, my skills, my body and what it was able to do. Eventually my perspective on how I looked shifted. When I could appreciate where I was on the journey and how far I came, I wasn’t as stressed out.

Stop comparing yourself to the next woman.

One of the biggest challenges I faced was comparison. I was always comparing how I looked to other moms that I knew or that I saw on social media. I had to accept that my journey was mine and mine alone. I had to respect what I had been through and what my body has been able to do. I had to give my body credit for birthing out three amazing babies. Babies are God’s gift, so I needed to appreciate the vessel that carried them. From there, I started to change what I wore and what I ate. I had to show my body that I loved her just as much as I loved the rest of me.

Tip #3: Dismantle Mom Guilt

If you had missed one of my earlier posts, I needed to reiterate that “mom guilt” is very much a real thing. The blessing is that this is something that you are able to move past so if you are experiencing it, don’t worry. Check out one of my older posts for more tips on moving past it.

Mommies lets be honest taking care of ourselves tend to go by the wayside as our attention tends to be focused on our children, spouses, jobs, businesses, family and etc. Where are you in the equation? You end up giving and giving, but what about you? Are you able to take care of you and not feel that tid bit of guilt pull up on you. When those feelings come up, I want you to swerve and remind yourself that everyone else will be okay.

If you drive on empty continuously then you will end up coasting on fumes unable to get to where you are headed. Just like on a flight they tell you, “put your mask on before you help another person.” The same is true about filling yourself up. Before you can truly help others you have to fill yourself up first.

Podcast: Living Simply with Jessica Harris

Take a listen to the full episode #2:

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