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Hard Lessons Learned…

Podcast ep #1: I wanted to give you a quick recap on some of the hard lessons that I learned and some of the helpful tips I gained along the way. This is what I’m bringing with me into 2022.

Lesson #1: Life Happens

We all know that life happens and sometimes what it gives us feels unbearable. And other times, it’s not as bad as it seems once we change our lens on the situation. For example, how would you feel to waking up to a flat tire? I’m sure your mind starts to question, how your getting to work? Who is going to drop the kids off? How will you run errands? For some people it may even set the tone for how the rest of their day will go. Lets be honest something like this happening sucks.

I didn’t want to let this curveball get the best of me. I looked for the silver lining and ran with it. It made the situation a lot easier to deal with. Sometimes just pausing and taking a deep breath to shift your angle makes a world of difference on how you see life. It was situations like this that inspired me to create my, Live a Life of Gratitude Journal

Tip: Find something to be grateful for regardless of how it may look right now.

Lesson #2: You don’t have to be perfect to get started, but you do have to start in order to see the success you want.

I’ve had many projects and ideas over the years and they stayed in my head. Most of the time it was because I got too focused on wanting it to be perfect. Have you ever done that? Get so caught up in planning that you never actually start? Yep, that used to be me. I say that loosely because I am work in progress.

For example, I almost didn’t start my blog over the summer. Not because I didn’t have something to say, but because I wanted to launch it the perfect way. So I joined webinars and did a lot of research. I had gained so much information that I went into an information overload coma. I had taken in so much that I couldn’t figure out where to start.

After rolling around in my frustration, I decided to make a choice and start. Soon after I did, I realized the platform I was on wasn’t for me so I switched it. It was that easy. Once I started back up, the posts flowed and I realized that I could have been started if I had gotten out of my own way.

Tip: Get out of your own way.

Lesson #3: Set reachable and attainable goals

I had set a lot of different goals for 2021, but many of them got pushed back because i was not being realistic with my time. I was trying to jam pack so many ideas and projects that I caught myself getting frustrated on the journey. It wasn’t that these things were not do able, but the time frame I gave myself didn’t make sense.

I had to sit back down and look at the time I actually had to put into these projects and adjust the expectations. Once I scaled back, I was able get more done because my goals were in chunks that made sense for my situation. Everyone has goals they want to accomplish, but you can’t hold yourself to the timetable that someone else has. Your lives are different and the expectations we place on our selves have to make sense.

Take a look back at what your are trying to accomplish and break it down into a smaller chunk. Now set the wheels in motion for how you want to achieve it.

Tip: Release yourself from unrealistic expectations

On episode #1 on the podcast, “Living Simply with Jessica Harris” I go over these tips more in depth.

What are some other tips that you are planning to take with you as we continue forward in 2022? Leave them in the comments.

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