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A Joyful Season…Or is it?

We are just about to end November and enter into December. My question to you, is it really a joyful season? Or have we been conditioned to put on a face of make believe to make others see only the smiles and not the tears behind the eyes. How many of you are walking around as skeletons with smiles painted on to make others feel more comfortable in your presence? Yet, you feel as though you are falling apart on the inside never saying a word.

I’ve gone into big department stores with adults huffing and puffing as they shop for little ones who may never truly know the hardships the adults went through to gather their gifts. Some shop with friends, some with family and others alone. I prefer alone because I tend to get in and out more quickly. Yet, I don’t seem to spend any less when its just me versus going with my minis.

I like shopping, but the holidays seem to place a dimmer on it. Even though the music is a bit more chipper. The attitudes of people didn’t seem to match. So I have to ask. Is the joy really that big this season or have we gotten so used to putting on a face that some may not even know if they are coming or going these days.

Holiday Blues..

If you are starting to feel a bit sad with the holidays you can try the following:

  • Acknowledge your emotions and know that it is okay.
  • Take some time for yourself and take care of you. (self care is vital )
  • Create healthy boundaries. It’s okay to say No!
  • Journal how you feel and why your feeling that way.
  • Talk to someone. (Therapy helps)
  • Prayer and Meditation (There is power in prayer)
  • Be honest with yourself and others. Lying and putting up facades can be tiring.
  • There is no standard amount of time a person has to grieve. Everyone grieves differently.
  • Grief doesn’t have to be that someone passed away. It can be the ending of relationships, jobs, or anything you can think of.
  • Lastly, your feelings count and your voice matters. You don’t have to stay in unwelcoming places. Give yourself permission to own your space.

While you are out this holiday season with friends and family. Take notice of the people around you. How are they really doing? Who is truly happy for the season and who is just trying to get through another dinner?

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