Let’s Pause…How are you really feeling?

Enough about me, how are y’all doing? It’s Thanksgiving week and I want to take the time to step back from me and focus on you a little bit. We know the world has been very wonky from the pandemic to job loss to deaths of loved ones. This year and last were the first years that many people won’t have all of their family with them at the dinner table. Many people won’t have the same urge to cook the way they have in the past. Some may not even want to celebrate because they have experienced so much loss.

Go the extra mile.

Take some time this week week and go the extra mile. Be a little more considerate with those in your family. Many people process grieving differently. The grief doesn’t just have to be the passing of a loved ones. It can be a break up, job loss, losing their home or anything. This time of the year tends to come with a sudden onset of emotions. If you haven’t been directly affected by one of those things, that’s okay. I’m sure someone you know has been. So take this time to take inventory of the things people you know may have experienced this year. Not everyone is as okay as they seem.

I’m fine….Doesn’t always mean that I’m fine

Sometimes we say things out of habit. For instance, “I’m fine.” It’s a very commonly used response, but how often is it actually true. How often did you really mean to say, “I’m hurt. I’m sad. Life has been crumbling before me. I’m tired of this pain.” Really stop to listen between the lines. Have you been paying attention to those you love and what they are going through? Be there for them and don’t dismiss how they feel. You may even have people you see and they aren’t even sure how they feel.

I feel numb…

For those who may not know how they feel may be feeling numb. They could have experienced hurt after hurt. Encourage them and fill them with hope. That person you think is showing no emotions about their situation may be sitting in their numbness. Sometimes people don’t realize that they are numb. They have conditioned themselves to take on whatever is happening, but not stopping long enough to heal in the process.

Numbness won’t last forever, but acknowledging the pain and hurt is a must. Taking the time to see where you are in the moment and how much you have gone through a helps to place things in perspectives.

So take time to appreciate your life and your loved ones a little more this season.

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