Pace Yourself

We are in the second week of November and it’s really starting to dawn on me that this year is almost over. In doing so, I wanted to remind us that we need to be mindful about the pace. Take your time and do not get caught up in the ways of the world.

Some people will take this time and go spending like crazy for the upcoming holidays that are around the corner. Some will work tirelessly to provide gifts and food for their families. I want to encourage you to take your time. Take your time and spend wisely.

Take your time and really enjoy your children and family. If the pandemic hasn’t taught us anything, it has showed us that time is valuable. It has reassured us that tomorrow is not promised. Your family and friends may like gifts, but I’m sure they would rather see you in person. I’m certain that they would love to spend quality time telling stories and catching up.

Lets make this year be a different one than the past. Too often we get get overwhelmed by what we are trying to buy everyone, but my challenge to you is to celebrate and cherish the moments that are right there. What is truly more valuable than time? Toys, clothes, shoes, cars are all valuable items. abut how many of those things will miss you when you are gone? How many cars ever showed up to celebrate the loss of life? I have seen a car in the pews of a funeral. I have seen moms, dads, grandparents, children, cousins and more. Take time to really cherish the memories that can actually last a life time.

You see my mom’s family is Puerto Rican and when my grandmother passed away it was sad. So many stories from people sharing how they wished they saw her more. I was one of them. She couldn’t speak a word of English and my Spanish was minimum. Yet, she loved me regardless. She didn’t let the language barrier keep her from loving me. She adored me. A woman who I could hardly understand loved me to the moon and back. Some of y’all have people in your lives who you can actually speak with and don’t see. Some of y’all have families that you don’t spend enough time with because you feel like you need a breather every weekend.

I know the excuses you may be thinking in your head: my job is understaffed, I’m overworked, my children drive me crazy, my wife/husband has been annoying. Then there are those of you who will say: my children are going to be disappointed, I already promised (insert person’s name) with a gift of (you can insert the gift here), or I really wanted to get a new car and more.

Take some time and look at what is going on in front of you in your home and with your family. If you are feeling burned out this may be a good time to pause and take some you time. Many people have been running ragged and not enough time is being spent with the ones you love. Truly, pause and reflect on how much time you have invested in yourself. When was the last time you took care of yourself?

Quick Tips…

  • Drink more water…it sounds simple, but are you actually staying hydrated throughout the day?
  • Eat well balanced meals…Too often when people are overworked they tend to eat out a a lot more or sacrifice having a real lunch to eating vending machine food.
  • Get fresh air…Yes! Go outside! Get out the office or house and allow yourself to feel the cool or warm air.
  • Go for a walk…Clear your mind for an hour or so. Settle your thoughts. Sometimes the mind is racing a 1,000 miles per second.
  • Journal/paint/draw/hobby…Get into a hobby that allows you to take your mind off of things. Find a positive outlet to allow yourself to dump your thoughts and just be able to breathe.

Sometimes we have to be reminded that we are only human. There is no need to be super hard on yourself. Just take it easy and pace yourself. If you run yourself ragged and become burned then your not of any use to anyone. It’s okay to be successful and work. Don’t let these things suck the life out of you.

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