It’s Positive…

The first time I ever saw the plus sign on a pregnancy test, I thought I was fooling myself. I had made sure to grab a 3 pack just in case if one of them gave me a false reading. Yea, that positive sign came back up each time.

Flashback to 2012

The amount of anxiety that I felt at that moment was replaced by the overflowing of love and joy that I would give that baby. I knew I had just found out, but let me tell you. My heart was full and everything in my life started to shift. All the ideas about having a a baby and what we would do started to come to life. Things I had never though about started to form and I couldn’t help it.

I’ll be happy regardless…

I told my boyfriend at the time and he was a bit uneasy because we were in a long distance relationship. He wasn’t quite sure what to think or say, but he wasn’t mad. I told him that my values were to keep the baby so he could get on board or get lost. Listen I didn’t have time for someone who may be teetering the fence in what they should do.

Yea for some that may sound pretty harsh, but I don’t believe in abortion for MYSELF. Im not here to condemn you because I’m not God. But that’s my personal belief on the matter. So that left a lot of decisions to be made in the next few months. So as the next few weeks went on, I started to form all the things I needed to get in order to have a smooth transition.

I started looking at pregnancy growth charts and getting excited about the expectation of the little one who was growing inside of me. So much joy and bliss was inside of me. I thought that nothing could change how I was feeling.

Tune in next week on Thursday for what happened next.

Blessings y’all!

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