Can I have a party?

My four year old asked me over this weekend if he could have a birthday party. I had to sit and really explain that there was a good chance that he would not have an actual party filled with friends the way he has seen them in the past.

It’s more than just the virus. Our new norm is being mindful, seeing masks and guarding our space. It’s about guarding our environments like never before.

The words stung as they left my lips telling him that he probably won’t have the party he desired. No amount of cake will fill the void of having friends to celebrate.

He is at the age where he is learning and making new friends. These friends he has want to grow with him. But Covid makes it harder. It’s not as simple to go and hang out or have a play date.

Building lasting friendships will prove to be much harder for our children. The way that we used to cultivate them is no where near the way they will do so now. They will have to come up with new ways to get the bonds built. They will have to endure a longer time frame without hanging out with friends due to the limited contact that many parents enforce. It’s an adjustment and one that I don’t plan on taking lightly.

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