What are you connected to?

Yesterday I saw so many emails about the outage of FB and IG and it made me think, what are you connected to? How much do you rely on social media to reach your audience? How much do you use it to pass time?

I was in a work call and when we saw the outage we used that time to brainstorm ideas. New books were birthed, editing took place and we were more productive with our time.

So how much time are you putting into social media? Is it to the point where you panicked and were anxious? Is too intertwined into your daily life? Or were you just fine?

The way the emails were flooded it made me think about just how much we rely on these apps. To communicate, for business, and entertainment. But what would you have done if they couldn’t fix it?

What are you really plugged into? Are you plugged into a source that can go out at anytime? Heed the warning of yesterday to realize where your source lies.

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