Day 4: Flat Tire

Have you ever woke up to get your day started and noticed that one of your tires are flat? Well, I haven’t before, but I did on Thursday. My kids and I walked up to the car and I realized that one of my tires were flat. There was no way I could take them to school with the car like that. I had to come up with a quick plan.

Fortunately, there was another vehicle that I could use and I was grateful for that. But, let’s pause for a moment and examine this situation. Many people would have seen this and their reactions would have been to be upset, angry, annoyed, worried and more. Out of all those emotions, the one I went to was annoyed, but I wasn’t angry.

My 4 and 7 year old both asked me if I was mad about the flat tire. I responded back to them no. If you could see the look of confusion on their faces; it was priceless. I told them that I could not be mad because we were all safe and that the car was already parked. I explained to them, that it would have been much worse to be driving and have something like this happen to us on the road.

I’m not sure if they saw the silver lining the way that I did, but they didn’t let it phase them. I share this with you to say that sometimes there’s a blessing in the middle of the chaos. In my case, it was not having to tow my car home right away or being in an accident because of the flat.

What are some things that have occurred this week, that may not have been great, but you can see the silver lining in it? Make a habit out of finding the beauty within the day each and every day.

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