Day 2: Flaws and All

So today was full of challenges. There were so many things that I had wanted to get done today and I wasn’t able to. I had to pause and accept the fact that today was a go with the flow type of day. I had to realize that today was going to be a day filled with lessons.

So the big lesson today was not to let these things get me down. Really stop, pause and show compassion to myself. It’s okay if its not perfect right now. I’m just starting out and I am learning the ropes. Things are starting out a bit rough around the edges, but I’m going to continue to press forward. Getting out of my comfort zone. This was a battle for real for real with all of these pieces. I have to see that its okay.

Perfection was something I would always seek before I launched anything. By doing that, I wouldn’t start. I would be so caught up on wanting it to be this perfect picture and I could never get it just right. So this time around, I am showing my flaws and all.

What am I grateful for:

I am grateful for compassion and grace.

What are you going to be grateful for? Tomorrow I will be live again at 7pm ET on both FB: Living Simply Jess and IG: Livingsimply_jess

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