A Day To Remember

Life is precious and everyday I am grateful to wake up and have breath in my lungs. I am grateful to be in the presence of God and that He continues to keep me pressing forward despite my circumstances. Even on my bad days, I look to find something to be grateful for, because each day is not promised. So I enjoy them while I can. A posture of gratitude on a consistent basis changes the way you see the world. There is so much beauty to be seen behind the murky waters, but you have to look for it. Be intentional and choose to appreciate where you are.

Today, I want to bless the Lord for blessing me with the right doctors and nurses last year and over this past year. For a family who was in an unlikely situation we were blessed with medical staff who not only did their job, but did it well. I am grateful for the doctors who worked effortlessly to come up with a plan. For the nurses who took care of my baby when I couldn’t be there. They treated him like he was their child. I appreciate the extra love and attention they gave him.

God saved my child, but in doing so, I know He showed someone there that miracles can happen. So many medical students found us on the general floor curious to meet the baby who had a miraculous recovery from a rare blood disorder. So many just wanted to see him because they couldn’t fathom having something that no one had heard of before and then having to find a way to treat it.

My Prayer is that every doctor, nurse, medical student and hospital personnel that heard his story understands and starts to believe that there is a God who sees you and performs miracles. My life was changed by this event and I am certain that their lives were changed to.

Our testimonies are not ours to keep, but to share so that it may build the faith of another person. No matter what you may be going through or how impossible your situation may be, trust that God hasn’t forgotten you. You never know who needs to be reminded to stay encouraged and we don’t always know the battles someone else is facing.

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