What does your faith look like?

I remember my daughter asking me, ” Mom, when can the baby come home?” That was one of the most heart breaking questions I could ever be asked. The worst part of it, was that I didn’t have a real answer for her. I didn’t have a clue when he would be home. I wasn’t sure what that would look like. I couldn’t even fathom the right words to express to her how that felt. I just moved on to the next topic hoping she wouldn’t bring it back up. I would sit by myself and stare at his empty bassinet whenever I came home. I tried to spend most of my time with him at the hospital because the thought of not having him home would get to me.

Have you been in a situation where you are waiting for something big to happen, but it took longer than you thought?

This was when my faith was tested in a way that I couldn’t have imagine. I had to trust in God that he would be coming home with me. I had to trust in God that my prayers were heard and that they were being answered. I had to trust in God when each hour presented a new problem and each day felt like we were right back at ground zero.

Last week, I was asked a great question. “Did your faith waver?” My answer is Yes, I had moments when my faith would waver. Every day was a testing of my faith brought on by new challenges and disappointments. There were days when we would had to go back to the drawing board entirely and try new methods. In the mist of those things, I had to trust our creator. I had to trust in something. I needed a place for me to get hope. Prayer offered me a space to feel hopeful. I had peace when I prayed. It was in those moments that God was allowing His peace to rest with me.

Reflection Time

I want you to find a quiet area and take a few minutes to calm your mind, body and soul down. Rummage through your memories and find a time when you questioned how a situation would work out. What did you do? How did it look? Take a look to see how you can turn what happened into a learning experience.

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