Mom, it’s okay to rest…

I feel like once you become a parent, the word rest becomes a foreign word until your kids are older. Even then, I wonder if its recognizable because of all the running around that still has to be done.

Lately, there seems to be more value placed on self-care. People are starting to realize that its not just a choice, but its really a necessity that needs to be incorporated in our routines on a daily basis. In case you weren’t sure what that looks like I created a list of tips for you.

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The first night in the Pediatric Intensive Care Unit (PICU) was one of the hardest. I remember being in his room and just sitting on the sofa chair watching him. I was so exhausted and had barely ate. But I wasn’t in the mood for food. I wasn’t in the mood to talk to anyone. I just wanted my baby okay.

While sitting, I must have closed my eyes for a few minutes because I could feel a gentle tug on my arm. It was a nurse telling me it’s okay to go and rest. At first I resisted because I didn’t want to leave his side, but my eyes were right back to being closed. I was too tired to fight. Deep down inside, I knew I needed to get some sleep. He wouldn’t be waking up anytime soon since he was sedated. She assured me that they would call me if anything changed.

I got settled into one of the family suites with my belongings. Funny enough, when I got there I wasn’t as tired as I was before. I was just awake, confused, lost and sad. His dad was back at the house, but was in no condition to really talk. I didn’t care to call anyone to have to explain what was happening. I sat there and the only thing I could think to do was just pray. So I prayed and prayed until I eventually fell asleep.

As a parent it’s easy to take care of everyone around us and forget about ourselves.

  • Its hard to put up a fight when you are exhausted.
  • It’s not easy to think clearly when you haven’t eaten all day.
  • Take a time out and schedule yourself some self-care.

Even when the world is flipped upside down, taking care of you is even more important. The nurse knew I needed rest for what was to come. She knew that I would not be able to function the way I needed to if I wasn’t taking care of myself. For those, who may find themselves unsure about taking some you time, I’m letting you know its a must. Take care of you, so you can be in the position to take care of the ones you love.

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